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The following travel conditions apply to all customers who book with and in all its versions: Italian, English language, Wireless in Italian, Wireless in English and they apply from 1st January 2020.


    1. Transfervda is a website managed by Win Services snc and have registered office in Italy, Via Monte Zerbion 8, 11024 Chatillon (AO). The VAT number (P.IVA) by regular Italian law is 01152180079. The company deals with the management of transfers of people to and from the major cities and airports in northern Italy, to the most important tourist resorts of Valle d’Aosta generated by bookings made on the website and all its extensions by anyone requesting a service through it. The customer, before you make an online booking, must be sure to have read and understood the conditions of transport of the company that will govern the future contract. Through its website, the company offers the following types of transfer services with vehicles ranging from (1 to 3 passengers), the minibus (4 to 8 passengers), the bus (from 9 to 60 passengers):
    1. Passengers. When two or more people are included in the same booking, or when the reservation is made on behalf of third parties, the person making the reservation (customer) will be considered as an agent in relation to other members of the group (Passengers) and, therefore, accepts the conditions of the company on their behalf.
    2. Age and details. When booking, the customer declares to be of age and ensures that all given details are reliable, correct, complete and that the credit card utilized debt is owned by the same and that there are sufficient funds or credit to cover the cost of the service. Win Services, will not be liable for any errors in the reservation and will not reimburse anything in case of a missed transfer due to these errors. If these errors mean that the company or its suppliers should play a different service from the one booked and this involves additional costs to the service, the customer must pay the difference directly to the driver, communicated to him by the Office prior to the execution of the service.
    3. Payment. Payment for the service is required when booking. The reservation made by the customer is considered as a “booking request”, which will be sent via email and, in copy, to the customer, allowing the charge on his credit card for an amount equal to the price of the requested service. If the company will be able to perform the requested service, the client will receive an email, your booking confirmation (Transport Voucher) and the cost of the service will be charged to the credit card provided by the customer at the time of booking request. The completion of the email is sent is considered a proof of receipt by the customer. If the company will not be able, for whatever reason, to perform the service, it will send to the customer via email, canceling the “Booking Request.” In this case nothing will be charged to your credit card. The booking confirmation (Transport Voucher) is in effect a travel ticket. This must be printed, brought in tow and shown to the driver Win Srvices before each transfer. The “Booking Request”, however, has no validity as a travel document.
    4. Informations. And ‘the customer’s responsibility to check all the information printed on the ticket booking corresponds Journey to those chosen by him at the time of booking. Any errors must be communicated via email to available on the website prior to the execution of the service.
    5. Refund. Any payments made will be refunded only if canceled by the company.
    6. Disputes. These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Italian law. For any disputes that may arise between you and Transfervda will be competent Court of Aosta.
    7. Contact details. And ‘your responsibility to provide a valid mobile telephone number at least one of the passengers, including the country code, just in case, since the departure time from the resort can vary in case of bad weather or heavy traffic or any other reason that effect pickup. In the event that the client does not have a phone to be shown the phone number of the resort at which the passenger stays. Any change in the pick up will be notified by phone or sms from Win Services in the 24 hours preceding the transfer. E ‘, therefore, the passenger’s responsibility to check any messages received on the mobile phone from the company. In the event that the reservation there was no telephone contact indicated, it is the responsibility of the customer or passenger to contact the company to verify any changes in the booking. In case there were any changes in schedules or other variation that the Passenger missing a transfer as the customer and / or passenger had not previously put in contact with the company, you will not be reimbursed to the customer and / or passenger.
    1. Each passenger may bring one suitcase and one carry-on bag. Passengers going to ski resorts may also bring a pair of skis or snowboard, which must be declared when booking. Any excess baggage must be declared when booking in the “STORAGE”. The company will reserve the right to apply a potential for luggage extra price in excess if this involves the use of a means of different size from that normally used or planned for the number of booked passengers.
    2. If the customer is carrying golf bags or bike, for which a premium price can be expected, you will have to add it in the spaces provided upon reservation. In case of non-Win Services or its suppliers communication may refuse to carry items not declared.
    3. All baggage must be labeled with the owner’s name and destination. The baggage is the sole responsibility of the customer who will not be entitled to any refund for lost or damaged luggage. Luggage forgotten in the vehicle which carried out the transport service will be delivered to the address supplied by the customer at his own expense.
    4. The company will do everything to meet the special requirements indicated in the space provided by its customers, but it is not, however, obliged to do so.
    1. The company is not required to check for flight delays, ships or trains or other means of transport used by the customer. And ‘your responsibility to communicate any delays to the airline’s offices.
    2. If the customer has booked a private transfer and shuttle transfer and experience a flight delay, or ship, or train, or other means of transport used by the customer, the company’s driver will wait up to 20 minutes prior to arrival date . Over 20 minutes of waiting, upon notice from the customer and acceptance thereof, will be a supplement of € 20.00 for each hour or fraction of an hour late for the car or minibus up to 8 passengers and 35; € 00 for other vehicles up to 50 passengers, payable directly to the driver before the transfer. If the customer does not communicate the delay of more than 60 minutes or does not accept this premium price for the wait, the driver will go away and the Customer will have missed his transfer and will not be entitled to any refund.
    3. In the event that the customer has booked a shuttle transfer door to door at fixed times or bus shuttle at fixed times and you experience a delay or cancellation of flight, ship or train, the customer will be transported on the shuttle transfer door to door next available. Where there were no other services of the same type available will be offered to the customer a private transfer, if available, with the consequent application of the price expected for this type of service already deducted the price of the service booked. If the Customer does not accept the offered alternative service, the customer will have missed his transfer and will not be entitled to any refund.
    4. Win Services will make every effort so that all the vehicles arrive on time to the programmed destinations, but makes clear that in no case it can be held responsible for the consequences of any suffered by the customer due to the fact that the transfer was not completed in time due to events and incidents not directly dependent on the will of the driver and or have occurred due to force majeure (heavy traffic, bad weather, unexpected road and not reported or planned, incidents, stops for police controls, compliance with the user security rules imposed even temporarily by the competent authorities of the road etc ,. etc.). E ‘, however, contemplated the possibility for the customer to obtain, at its substantiated and documented request a refund of the price paid in advance transfer, only in the event that the non-implementation or use of the service requested, or discontinuation prior to arrival at the destination, it should not depend on the aforementioned reasons of force majeure or by the will of the customer who has withdrawn from the service in the cases provided by article 6 / a.
    1. Smoking is not permitted in vehicles used by Win Services suppliers.
    2. All providers of win Services can refuse to carry anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behavior is considered threatening to the same driver, for vehicles or for other passengers.
    3. It is not allowed to bring in vehicles used by Win Services alcoholic beverages or drugs with the intention of consuming them or even to transport them.
    4. All vehicles used by Win Services suppliers are insured for third party liability according to applicable laws in the country where service is performed. All transfers made by Win Services except the shuttle bus service at fixed times, are door to door transfers. There are some places, however, where you can not get with the means of transport used by Win Services including, for example, some hotels in the center of Palermo, town (the list is not complete). In these cases it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the Win Services offices to verify departure times and the collection places are actually known by the customer. In the event that the customer does not get in touch with the Win Services Offices and missing a transfer, Win Services will not reimburse void and you will have missed his transfer.
    1. A) The cancellation of the reservation can only be made by email to and will be confirmed, again by email, by the company's offices
    2. B) The company received the email requesting the cancellation of the service, when the same is canceled and refundable, can offer as an alternative to the refund, a voucher of the same amount as the booking, to be used within 1 year from the date on which the transfer should have started . The customer has the right to always communicate by email to, their preference for a refund or voucher of the same value.
    3. C) Reservation cancellations must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the transfer out date. In this case no penalty will be applied and the company will reimburse the cost of the paid reservation and any supplements, deducting bank charges and all costs incurred for the transaction by credit card or other means of payment used and cancellation fees.
    4. D) The refund will be made within 7 days from the date of cancellation by the company that will notify by email.
    5. E) If the cancellation is made within seven (7) days prior to the transfer, it will not be refunded.
    6. F) The company will accept the cancellation request with only 48 hours notice (2 days) and will refund all the transfer services booked, less the bank costs incurred for the transaction when:
    7. G) Due to natural events of a local or international nature (eg covid 19) emergency that takes place in at least one state of departure or arrival, which prevents the customer from using the services booked and paid for. The reimbursement will take place in the manner provided for in the previous point (d).
    8. H) If the customer does not receive the cancellation confirmation email, it is his responsibility to contact the company's offices by email.
    9. I) The company reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time, should it not be able to guarantee the correct and safe execution of the service, reimbursing the total cost of the services booked.
    10. J) Requests for changes to your reservation must be requested only by email to the address:, at least forty-eight hours (48) of notice from the booked service.
    11. K) The company, having verified the request received, will communicate by email the change and any extras to be paid directly to the driver.
    12. L) The company reserves the right not to accept any requests for changes to the reservation if it is unable to make it.

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